Jesse Clark is a full-stack developer originally from Colorado, (United States), now residing in Cyprus. He started his career in Higher Education developing and managing the University of Northern Colorado’s website. He led a team of web professionals who assisted 450+ web authors to promote and maintain content on the site. After 16 years at the University, Jesse resigned from his position as Manager of Web Communications to move to Cyprus.

Jesse’s first degree was in Music Performance which helped in his startup Sight-reading is being able to perform a piece of music perfect on the first playthrough. The online platform creates random pieces of sheet music with audio for students to practice.

Continuing the pursuit of learning, in June of 2018, he graduated from the world’s first Masters Degree in Digital Currency from the University of Nicosia. Jesse had a good depth of technical knowledge of blockchain technologies and this program helped solidify his understanding of the business and legal aspects.

Since January 2019, Jesse has been working as a remote contract web developer and a blockchain consultant. In December 2019 he accepted a position at IOV Labs building a React, Dcentrailzed Application.