About Jesse

As the Manager of Web Communications for the University of Northern Colorado, I lead a team which assists over 450 web-authors who maintain content for their department’s websites. The web-authors have various levels of ability so creating templates that were easy to use and focus on content was essential.

My first degree was in Music Performance which I have used in my startup PracticeSightReading.com which assists musicians. Sight reading is being able to perform a piece of music perfectly on the first time. The online platform creates random pieces of sheet music with audio for students to practice.

I love learning new technologies so when an opportunity to earn the world’s first Masters Degree in Digital Currency, from the University of Nicosia, I jumped at the opportunity. I graduated in June of 2018 and coursework was broad including classes in innovation, international banking, Ethereum programming, and law.

I build digital products that are easy to use and maintain. The best technology in the world is ineffective if it is not usable by the end users.

Jesse Clark