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  • Add a custom chain or ERC20 coin to MetaMask

    MetaMask recently announced that it had opened up its custom networks API for developers to use. This means that you can help users connect to your non-Ethereum network much easier. Rather than the user typing in the Network Name, RPC URL, ChainId, etc., you can fill it out for them!

  • Checksums are for humans, not computers

    Checksums are a method of capitalizing certain characters in an address for a specific EVM network. This includes Ethereum, Ethereum testnets, RSK, and its testnet, Binance Smart Chain, and others. It is meant for users to confirm that an address is for a specific network. Once passed to a web3 provider, server, or blockchain, checking the checksum is no longer needed.

  • Using Brave with the RSK Network and Register a .RSK domain

    The Brave browser is gaining popularity for its privacy features and built-in crypto wallet. With Chrome and Firefox if a user wants to connect to the Ethereum network they need to download a third-party plugin such as MetaMask or Nifty. The wallet inside of Brave is based on MetaMask’s open-source code. The Browser’s wallet comes connected to the Ethereum mainnet and multiple testnets. You can add a custom network which is how we are going to add RSK.