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Update: The frontend of this site has been rewritten using React.

I built the first version of my photoblog in 2006 with procedural PHP and a single table database. It was a way for me to display photos for family and friends and keep a history for myself to remember.

Over the years, the code has been rewritten several times. Today, the backend is written in object-oriented PHP and MySQL.

A specific day object can have multiple photo objects associated with it. For example, this photo of my dogs being washed. Of course, you would need more than one picture!

Each photo has tags associated with it as well as equipment that is broken out into camera, lens and flash. This picture of a fence has all three equipment types attached. Both records are kept in the equipment table with an association to the equipment type table.


The front endside includes a JSON API endpoint that I use to pull content to various locations, including this site’s homepage sidebar. It is also used in the React implementation of the site.


Project URL

Personal Photo Blog : https://old.Jesse.Photo