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The RNS manager lets users register and administer their RSK domains. Having an .rsk address has many features, but the best one right now is the ability to convert an ethereum or bitcoin address into a readable and rememberable string.

For example, I own jesse.rsk and if a crypto wallet supports resolving .rsk domains, you could type my domain name as the recipient rather than my address which is long and easily mistaken: 0x3dD03d7d6c3137f1Eb7582bA5957B8a2E26f304A

I started working for IOV Labs in December 2019 and I inherited this project. I started around the same time as a designer and worked with him to implement a new design for the application. The app was built in React using Redux and I worked to implement new views based on the new design.

Behind the scenes, the app interacts with the RSK blockchain using smart contracts written by team members. This is an ongoing project and I will update this page with more information as time passes.

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