Pulling in COntent With OU Tags & Data Files Slide 1

Thanks for attending my session of Pulling in Content with OU Tags and Data Files at the 2017 OmniUpdate User Training Conference! Below are the resources that were mentioned in the presentation.

Presentation Resources

Other uses of Data Files

  • Library DatabaseThe original tag/data file project that the blog post and presentation is based on. Note for the presentation I called them ‘journals’ whereas the Library calls them ‘databases’.
  • Program List – Each program is a data file that the content authors can edit. This updates a JSON file with all the programs that can be manipulated with JavaScript.
  • Profile Pages

Additional Posts & Dogs

OU Campus Tag Resources


If you have any additional questions, comment below, email me at my work email address (jesse.clark@unco.edu) or ask on the OmniUpdate Community Network.

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