Full-stack developer with a wide range of technology experience. Front-end work in React, Redux, JavaScript, HTML and CSS, back-end languages C# and PHP, server administration, and database design. Recently working with Solidity deployed on the RSK blockchain.


Software Engineer, IOV Labs, Remote

  • Building decentralize web applications in React that interact with the RSK blockchain, an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) network.
  • Built mobile applications with React Native for self-sovereign identity that interact with IPFS storage.
  • JavaScript that interacts with smart contracts, written in Solidity, deployed to the RSK blockchain.
  • Converting design wireframes from design to exportable React components used across applications.

Founder, PracticeSightReading.com

  • A Software as a Service web application built in PHP that creates dynamic sheet music with a server-side module to generate dynamic MP3 audio files for musicians to practice sight reading.
  • Responsible for entire ecosystem including Ubuntu server administration on a cloud based server, client-side (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) and server-side languages (PHP, Shell), digital marketing, analytics, branding, and overall strategy.

Freelancer Developer, Remote

  • Maintain websites with WordPress, Jekyll, and static HTML including CSS, JavaScript and custom PHP integrations.
  • Shopify setup and template installation, including branding design, logo design, and template customizations.
  • Custom WordPress, and WooCommerce template installations, initial configuration, and server implementations.
  • Setup AWS, DigitalOcean, and local servers with monitoring for local startup.

Webmaster, University of Northern Colorado (Remote)

  • Maintain and build XSLT templates with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for content management system.
  • Provided technical direction of the website, best practices, digital strategy and guidance.
  • Built React and native JavaScript applications utilizing third party API integrations.
  • Provide ongoing support for custom built C# and JavaScript (React, jQuery, native) applications.

Webmaster & Manager of Web Communications, University of Northern Colorado

  • Lead and manage web team consisting of Digital and UX Designer, Digital Content Specialist, and Digital Marketing Specialist. This team supports 400+ web authors on campus and is responsible for top-level websites, branding, digital marketing and web governance.
  • Built and maintained test-driven, object-oriented C# web applications which use SQL as the database backend.
  • Responsible for creating and maintaining HTML, CSS and JavaScript templates converted into XSLT templates for University’s enterprise content management system (CMS).
  • Provided technical direction of the website, analytics, digital strategy and guidance to the Assistant Vice President of Marketing.
  • Completed a three-year content management system migration consisting of over 10k pages from individual Dreamweaver sites into University’s CMS.
  • Presented technical presentations at national higher education conferences on CMS implementation and web governance.

Webmaster, University of Northern Colorado

  • Implemented the University’s templating system that is used by all web authors on campus. Templates were written with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and then converted to XSLT for the University’s CMS.
  • Provided technical direction, marketing and support to Director of Web Communications.
  • Built open-source custom CMS integrations that using their restful API.
  • Implemented GIT version control system and taught team members best practices.

Web Developer, University of Northern Colorado

  • Built websites and assisted campus web authors.



Master of Science in Digital Currencies, University of Nicosia, Cyprus

  • Coursework includes forex markets, crypto-currency global impact, regulation, innovation, cryptology, and law and programming Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • Connected to the Bitcoin network with Python and created Ethereum apps with Solidity.

The authenticity of my diploma can be verified using the University of Nicosia’s Blockchain Certificate Validation Tool.

Coursework towards Online Master of Computer Science, Colorado State University, United States

  • Completed two Masters courses in Database Systems and Object Oriented Design, from their Online Master of Computer Science program.
  • Coursework and assignments were written with Java and utilized SQL.

Bachelor of Music, Performance, University of Norterhn Colorado, United States