A few projects that I have worked on.

Email Signature Builder thumbnail

Email Signature Builder

An embeded application to help users build email signatures.

Photo Blog, React thumbnail

Photo Blog, React

Personal photo blog rewritten in React.

Discover UNC Mobile App Integration thumbnail

Discover UNC Mobile App Integration

An Angular application that is launched from and existing mobile application that the University of Northern Colorado uses.

UNC Interactive Map thumbnail

UNC Interactive Map

Revamp of the University of Northern Colorado's Map with custom tile overlay.

Launching Leaders thumbnail

Launching Leaders

A Wordpress powered website for a personal development and leadership course powered by faith.

Practice Sight Reading thumbnail

Practice Sight Reading

Web based eudcational tool to help musicians practice their sight reading skills.

Beer Review Database thumbnail

Beer Review Database

Reviews of beers from tasting panels, judging sessions, and hanging out with friends.

Colorado Poets Center thumbnail

Colorado Poets Center

An online directory of poets from Colorado started in the early 2000s.

Personal Photo Blog thumbnail

Personal Photo Blog

My personal photo blog that was written in PHP and uses MySQL as a database.