These are a few projects that I have worked on recently. In many cases, they have been collaborations with other people.

RIF Wallet thumbnail

RIF Wallet

Account Abstracted wallet built with React Native that allows users to pay the network fees in an ERC20 token.

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Easily connect your dapp to the user's wallet. Connections for browser wallets like MetaMask and Nifty, custodial wallets such as Portis and Torus, and hardware wallets Trezor, Ledger, and D'cent.

Safe and Vault Developer Sample Application thumbnail

Safe and Vault Developer Sample Application

A sample app for the multisig project to help developers build dapps with the SDK transaction service.

RIF Identity Manager thumbnail

RIF Identity Manager

Allows users to maintain and edit their digital identity.

RIF Credential Viewer thumbnail

RIF Credential Viewer

A React application that decodes and verifys JWT Verifiable Credentials.

Self Sovereign Identity MVP thumbnail

Self Sovereign Identity MVP

Two React Native mobile applications, one credential issuer server in React, four node server applications, and a JS library that they all utilize. Issue and save verifiable credentials in a holder wallet application that backs up to IPFS.

RNS Manager thumbnail

RNS Manager

A decentralized application running on the RSK network.

MyAria WordPress Theme thumbnail

MyAria WordPress Theme

A WordPress theme for Blockchain Health Company Dcentric Solutions.

Email Signature Builder thumbnail

Email Signature Builder

An embeded application to help users build email signatures.

Photo Blog, React thumbnail

Photo Blog, React

Personal photo blog rewritten in React.

Discover UNC Mobile App Integration thumbnail

Discover UNC Mobile App Integration

An Angular application that is launched from and existing mobile application that the University of Northern Colorado uses.

UNC Interactive Map thumbnail

UNC Interactive Map

Revamp of the University of Northern Colorado's Map with custom tile overlay.

Launching Leaders thumbnail

Launching Leaders

A Wordpress powered website for a personal development and leadership course powered by faith.

Practice Sight Reading thumbnail

Practice Sight Reading

Web based eudcational tool to help musicians practice their sight reading skills.

Beer Review Database thumbnail

Beer Review Database

Reviews of beers from tasting panels, judging sessions, and hanging out with friends.

Colorado Poets Center thumbnail

Colorado Poets Center

An online directory of poets from Colorado started in the early 2000s.

Personal Photo Blog thumbnail

Personal Photo Blog

My personal photo blog that was written in PHP and uses MySQL as a database.